Introduction to shop with Scrip

Want tuition reimbursement?

Enjoy shopping?  Ever use gift cards? 

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then SCRIP is for YOU!

Shop with Scrip is a way for families to support Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School (IGLLS).  The way it works is simple.  Log onto and create your own family account.  Once you have an account created, you will be prompted to enter an enrollment code so you are connected with a school. Please contact the school for the code. 

By entering this code, you have connected your account to IGLLS, so you can continue to support Iowa Great Lakes Lutheran School!

Shop with scrip allows three payment methods:

  1. Print off your order and return it with your check to the school office any time.  The IGLLS Scrip Coordinator is notified from Shop with Scrip when you place your order. Online orders are not processed until payment is received.

  2. Sign up for PrestoPay.  Prestopay works very similar to PayPal.  You place your order online at but you have the option of paying right away online.  There is a small processing fee of 15 cents per order when using PrestoPay.  You may also choose to pay with a credit card, but the processing fees are passed on to you.

  3. Pay using your personal credit card.  However, the credit card processing fees are passed on to you.

The cards are delivered to the school office, and you will be contacted to arrange for pickup.  

The mobile App, “RaiseRight” is clear, simple and says what it delivers—it’s simply the right way to fundraise.  The “RaiseRight” app is free to download right from the app store, for both Apple/IOS and Android/Google.

The benefits of using are simple.  You know you will have the cards you want, in the dollar amount you want, when you want them.  All you have to do is a little bit of preplanning.  75% of the rebate is applied to your student’s tuition as reimbursement for using Shop with Scrip.    In most cases, it is money you would be spending anyway for Groceries, Gas, clothing, household items and gift giving.  Together, STO credits and Scrip rebate reimbursements, shall not exceed the cost of tuition.

Scrip orders are placed on Sunday evening after 5pm.  Orders are ready for pickup Friday morning in the school office or you can ask to have your order put in your child’s backpack to be brought home.  Special arrangements can be made for quicker delivery but additional shipping charges may apply.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call.  I would like to thank you once again for considering shopping with scrip cards.

Ranae Kehoe

IGLLS Scrip Coordinator