Welcome to KIndergarten

Building A Firm Foundation

The Kindergarten Class is "beginning" many new areas of learning at this point of the school year. We are very diligently working on our letters and their sounds. We are also focusing on our number language and the value numbers have.It is a challenging time, but yet very exciting for the children as they find success in their undertaking.Our main focus this year (as it is every year) is to integrate the faith in all subject areas.

Our field trips thus far are: 1.) traveling to St. Lukes to visit our adopted grandparent once a month 2.) going to the library once a month to find our "favorite book of that day" to share with the class during "buddy read" 3.) going to the Fire Dept. to learn about fire safety and knowing the fireman is the same person in and out of uniform ....our friend. 4,) our "in-room field trip" is Miss Bri, the Clay Co. Naturalist, who introduces the children to various creatures..living and non-living, The children enjoy these types of presentations.

Classroom Photos